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Meet Edward

Market & Customers Analyst

Published on August 05, 2020

3 minutes

Edward, Market & Customers Analyst in Tokyo, tells us how Air Liquide allowed him to open up his career possibilities and how working abroad has changed him.

     What did working at Air Liquide taught you?

As an engineering background graduate, I imagined my work would be like working in a fab or dealing with the technical problems that happened in the production line. However, I started my Air Liquide journey four years ago in Taipei as a business developer making investment proposals and following a business controller to analyze business performance. 

Currently, I am working in Tokyo as an Electronics Market & Customer Analyst,  working on strategy reports, analyzing the market and customer, and risks of the division’s investment.  

I couldn’t have imagined such opportunities when I was just about to graduate from school. However, Air Liquide is willing to give employees a chance to experience different fields. I remember one time I had a career talk with one of the top managers and he told me: Don’t limit yourself on your career as there are many possibilities for working in Air Liquide.    


     What inspired you in the different places where you have worked? What did you learn?

I was working in the Air Liquide Taipei office and got a chance to transfer to the Tokyo office. It was my first experience living in a foreign country. 

Working in Japan for me meant a new language, culture, and social circle, bringing me different points of view and a new way of living. Even though Tokyo is geographically close to Taipei, the two cultures are quite different. I still often have culture shock. Plus, I’m surrounded by colleagues from various countries. The experience has broadened the depth and breadth of my thinking and brings more confidence in who I am and where I am from. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone required courage but it was worth it: the experiences I had and the things I had learned are enjoyable and profound.

     How would you define Air Liquide Electronics’ spirit?

For me, it is the spirit of continuous improvement. Air Liquide Electronics is capable of getting ahead to provide innovative, high quality, and reliable products and services.

As you know, electronic devices have transformed significantly over the past decade from a few simple devices to plenty of complicated devices such as smartphones, automotive cars, etc. We are beginning to rely, even more than before, on those electronic devices to make our life easier and more interesting and expect these devices to have more powerful functions. To fulfill these desires, our customers have to keep upgrading their technology at high speed and require a higher standard on the product and service from Air Liquide Electronics. Accordingly, we are continuously improving ourselves through collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity.

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