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Flat Panel Displays

Supporting the production of next generation displays
The mobility revolution is truly upon us. Thinner smart phones, cheaper tablets and lighter notebooks are just the precursor of what is in store for this new era of portable electronic devices. Yet none of these advances, or those to come, would be possible without the compact and lightweight qualities of flat panel displays. That’s where Air Liquide steps in.

A reference supplier to the display industry

The need to continuously improve the user experience creates demand for a new generation of displays that are cheaper, thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient, flexible and higher in resolution. Already, advances in display technology have enabled the creation of curved television sets that offer very deep contrast and smart-phones that run twice as long.

95% of production shared between Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore

Asia is the epicenter of flat panel display manufacturing, with 95% of production shared between Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore.

Screens are produced in semiconductor-like fabrication plants, also called fabs, which require about 20 electronics specialty materials (also called precursor molecules) in very large volumes.

We are reinforcing global capabilities, with electronics specialty materials and equipment centers in Asia.

Air Liquide supports the needs of these manufacturers for producing next-generation displays and continues to invest in large high purity nitrogen on-site gas production units to accompany their rapid growth over the long term.

Air Liquide’s offer for flat panel display manufacturers

In all geographies close to its customers, our offer reconciles safety, reliability of supply with competitive costs. Air Liquide assures a safe, uninterrupted supply of materials and products that include: