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Reliability in partnership

At Air Liquide Electronics, we take pride in being a reliable industrial partner to our customers.

Reliability for us means having the right designs, the needed operational excellence, and a flawless execution of sourcing and distribution. To achieve this goal, we have global in-house capabilities to provide reliable engineering solutions. Our efforts on operational performance are recognized by our customers, and we bring security of supply via excellence in global supply chain management.
  • Safety

  • Quality

  • Reliability

  • Collaboration

Safety comes first

Safety is always a top priority for Air Liquide’s management and every employee. Continuously improving the health and safety in the workplace of our employees and subcontractors is the key foundation for Air Liquide’s success, in each region, in each entity and in each of our partnerships.

Think Safety, Act Safely is the Air Liquide Safety motto and is a core value of all our team members. This is particularly true as Electronics materials are frequently challenging to handle. Our engineering teams and local experts are here to bring safe solutions to our customers, at all stages of collaboration.

Excellence in quality

Besides the safe delivery of our products, their quality is critical to meet the stringent requirements of leading edge semiconductor, TFT and PV manufacturers. Through innovation, we are able to design new chemistries and enhance the purity of existing materials to assure high performance in our customers’ processes. These efforts enable us to offer the right products to meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s demands.

Air Liquide is an “Integrated Chemical Manufacturer” with manufacturing capabilities to quickly respond to customer demands both technologically and geographically.(Link to: map of sites).


With the increasing complexities of our customers supply demands, reliability of supply is critical to Air Liquide’s success and a high priority. Aspects of a reliable product supply include providing a reliable product as needed and when needed, managing a robust supply chain with a solid business continuity plan, and having localized inventory management and warehousing. Air Liquide manages supply reliability locally while relying on a globalized support structure.   

Our products are manufactured in facilities that are designed to rigorous reliability standards. We utilize in-house engineering and facility design teams, local operational experts, and global reliability teams to provide focused support to our customers, anytime and anywhere the need arises.

A collaborative approach

Air Liquide Electronics works closely with its customers to develop and enhance our products offerings to meet the ever-changing industry needs. This includes the development of new materials, new specifications, ship-to-control methodology, and low-carbon offerings. 

We are much more than just a materials supplier: our broad offer of ultrapure carrier gases, electronics specialty gases, advanced materials for deposition and etch chemicals, gas and chemical delivery equipment, engineering and services, leveraging our unique global network of R&D campuses, enable us to work collaboratively with our customers. We are a reliable industrial partner that will help you overcome your challenges and support your business growth.

About Air Liquide Group

The world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 72 countries with approximately 67,800 employees and serves more than 4 million customers and patients.

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Sustainability at Electronics

At Air Liquide Electronics, we want to lead our industry through our actions for a sustainable future.