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Total Gas and Chemical Management

Recognized service through our daily presence
At our customers’ site and by their side, 900 Air Liquide specialists are fully committed to ensuring the safe, reliable, and cost-effective management of the gases and chemicals needed on a daily basis in the production of electronics materials. This generates better production yields and Fab throughputs.


A wide range of capabilities at our customers’ fingertips

Our specialists provide value-added services in many fields. They have a safety record, operational efficiency and reputation for creating value that has in turn made Air Liquide the industry benchmark and worldwide leader in Total Gas and Chemical Management (TGCM) services for the electronics industry.

Value-added services in many fields

Responsible for the safe handling of the high-quality industrial gases and chemical industrial products needed in the manufacture of electronics, our teams allow our customers to focus on their processes by taking over:

  • Management of health, safety, and environment and quality monitoring, control and supervision
  • Exchange and connection of gas cylinders, gas bulk, chemical bottles, and drums
  • Analytical services
  • Management of inventory and warehouses
  • Engineering services
  • Waste management

We also assist our customers in achieving maximum productivity by providing operation and maintenance services for equipment and installations such as:

  • Gas and chemical distribution networks
  • Cylinder gas and chemical distribution systems
  • Purification and continuous quality control systems
  • Gas detectors and other equipment related to safety
  • Spare parts supply
  • A dedicated service hotline
Equipment & Installations in Crolles 06
Air Liquide provides operation and maintenance services for equipment and installations.


Helping our customers benefit from TGCM services

Our customers find in our services a single point of contact for all gases, chemical and equipment related operation, to such an extent that Air Liquide issue orders, control inventories, handle gases and products to the point of use, and ensure quality compliances.

The highest quality services in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability

At Air Liquide, we aim to tackle our electronics customers’ everyday challenges so they can focus on their production processes. How? We provide only the highest quality services in terms of safety standards, efficiency, and reliability for gas and chemical supply management. As a result, our customers benefit from an increase in productivity and greater yields from their processes.

Thanks to this, we help our customers to:

  • Attain high quality and reliability in their products
  • Focus on their core competencies
  • Accelerate their product speed to market
  • Manage costs exterior to the fabricant
  • Achieve responsive, agile facility operations
  • Access a global pool of 900 specialists worldwide

Our bottom line is total customer satisfaction through our breadth of service knowledge and depth of management experience.