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We are innovators

Innovation is at the heart of Air Liquide Electronics

Digital technologies have grown exponentially over the past decade, revolutionizing every industry on the planet. At the basis of these technologies, semiconductors are the building blocks for producing data processors, memories, displays and photovoltaic cells that equip our computers, internet servers, smartphones, etc.
As the Electronics industry continuously brings more powerful technologies to market, their innovations require more powerful semiconductor devices. Air Liquide accompanies its customers by developing differentiated and high-end solutions to support their technology race.


Innovating to support technological breakthroughs

Air Liquide Electronics has established itself as the market leader by delivering innovative solutions to customers.  Semiconductors are the brains of modern electronic devices, deployed across all industries including communications, healthcare, computing, and transportation.  This is driven by both increased demand in traditional semiconductor markets such as computing, communications, and data storage and new high growth applications including 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced automotive leading to autonomous vehicles. We collaborate with leading semiconductor manufacturers, tool manufacturers (OEMs), and academics to bring materials solutions for the production challenges for the next generation devices.

As our customers continue to innovate and push technology to new records, Air Liquide Electronics works on continuously supporting this race, by developing differentiated solutions to produce ultra-pure carrier gases, CVD/ALD materials, etch gases and associated equipment providing solutions to our customers’ most complex process challenges.


Pioneering new molecules

Air Liquide designs, qualifies, produces, and delivers advanced materials required to manufacture today’s and tomorrow’s most advanced electronics components. They are used in a variety of etching, deposition, cleaning, and inerting applications which are critical to the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices. We innovate with atomic scale engineering to open up countless new possibilities in how the world lives, works and connects.  Today, our ALOHA™ and Voltaix® products are critical to manufacturing the latest computer chips for Big Data and the Internet of Things.  Air Liquide has pioneered the art of bringing together the ‘lab scale science’ and ‘engineering scale-up expertise’ to the industrial scale with a quality mindset.

Bringing Carrier Gases to new heights

Air Liquide supplies ultrahigh purity carrier gases (N2, Ar, H2, He, O2?) that are used in a variety of applications for atmosphere control and inerting. The production of semiconductor devices, flat panel displays and photovoltaic cells is not possible without the continuous availability of UHP carrier gases.

Air Liquide continuously invents new technologies and solutions to produce the required ultra high purity carrier gases in the most efficient way while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Innovation across the globe

Air Liquide Electronics leverages Air Liquide's Innovation Campuses in the USA, France, Germany, China, and Japan, as well as an R&D center in Korea, all connected to world-class electronics innovation ecosystems.

Campuses housing our R&D centers offer a uniquely open and innovative research environment. Each Campus is part of a global network that facilitates collaboration and the sharing of both knowledge and insights.  They are the most productive way to learn, share, and grow.

They include researchers, customers, business partners, start-up companies, and academics but also technical teams from other Air Liquide entities such as Healthcare, Large Industries, Industrial Merchant, Global Markets & Technologies and Engineering & Construction.

And with our unparalleled science and research expertise based on Essential Small Molecules and Data, the R&D works on preparing the future. Nowadays the Essential Small Molecules are playing a strong role in global challenges. It includes environmental issues, energy transition, scarcity of global resources, urban development, shifts in consumption patterns, and the fact that the world's population is living longer and increasing rapidly.

And to be closer to the electronics market, our laboratories dedicated to advanced materials development based in the USA, China, Japan, and Korea, are equipped with state of the art etching and deposition equipment as well as characterization tools allowing us to discover and develop solutions needed by our clients. 

About Air Liquide Group

The world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 72 countries with approximately 67,800 employees and serves more than 4 million customers and patients.

Reliability in Partnership

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