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Meet Yuichi

Markets and Customers Analyst

Published on August 05, 2020

2 minutes

Meet Yuichi, the Electronics' Markets and Customers Analyst based in our Tokyo office. Hirose-san shares how he arrived in Air Liquide and already had three challenging jobs.

     Tell me more about you! 

After I graduated from the University of Tokyo, I moved to and lived in Switzerland for two years to get a master’s degree in bioengineering and to study in an international environment. After my graduation in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), I decided to join Air Liquide as I felt it would offer me a lot of opportunities to seek an international position.

I joined Air Liquide Japan in 2018 as a new graduate. I was assigned to the Production department for 4 months and then worked in the Quality Management department for almost two years. Currently, I am working as an Electronics’ Market & Customer Analyst based in Tokyo, analyzing Integrated Circuit (IC) market information.

As mentioned above, I experienced three positions within three years. Moving to a new position is always tough and challenging, but these experiences have broadened my career vision and knowledge. The career journey in Air Liquide is exciting for a person who enjoys learning and taking on new challenges, like me.  


     Your job in one sentence… 

I am currently working as an Electronics’ Market & Customer Analyst, researching the financial status and business strategies of our strategic and key customers, and reporting through internal memos about the major factors or events affecting Air Liquide businesses.

     Your Air Liquide’s big challenge for the future? 

The Electronics Industry has been changing significantly over the past decades as new technologies are developed with rapid growth, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Autonomous vehicles and 5G smartphones. IC manufacturers need to develop their sophisticated IC design for high performance and low energy consumption in order to deal with the huge amount of data transmitted from smart devices, so they have developed multi-layers memory structures and advanced process node technologies.

Air Liquide has a responsibility to understand customers’ technological progress and continue to supply good quality products to meet their requirements as one of the major industrial gas suppliers. 

Thus, our challenge is to forecast the short-term and long-term trends of the customers and to make the right decisions for our customers as well as for Air Liquide, which I believe forms strong partnerships with customers.

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