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Meet Ella

Market & Customers Analyst in Tokyo

Published on August 05, 2020

3 minutes

Family spirit and Open mic sessions, Ella, VIE Market & Customers Analyst in Tokyo, explains why she likes working for Air Liquide.

     Tell me more about you! Why did you choose to work for Air Liquide?

I am a very curious person and when I was a student I couldn’t decide which career path to take. Therefore, I decided to explore and graduated from both an engineering school (INSA Toulouse) and business school (HEC Paris). I thrive at undertaking multiple projects on various topics and I am eager to learn about many different things. My challenge at the time was to find a position that could fit with my personality. I was looking for a flexible position, the one where you can say: “It is what you make of it.”, and within an international context. After several interviews, I understood that Air Liquide could be that match. 

Today, I am an Analyst for the Market and Customer team in Tokyo. To be more specific, I am managing the Strategic Account Program, coordinating the Customers Strategies, writing market memos to drive business decisions and my transversal profile enables me to participate in multiple ad-hoc projects. Being in an international company as Air Liquide creates a lot of opportunities to learn from very different people, from very different backgrounds and cultures. Not to mention the wide range of business segments where the group is active: from oil and gas, chemicals to biomethane and hydrogen energy. All of which enables you to learn and grow where your interest lies.  

     How would you define Air Liquide Electronics’ spirit?

Before joining Air Liquide, I worked for two other major French companies in the CAC40. Even if the difference in atmosphere is expected, I have never felt a family spirit as much as within Air Liquide. 

Everyone is very accessible, willing to share all their knowledge and experience, and always very happy to interact with you - even as a newcomer. What is all the more impressive, is that the same is true for the Management! Today we are in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, and we have Open Mic sessions with COMEX members to freely ask any questions we might have. More generally, management is very supportive and your work is rightly acknowledged which is always appreciated.

     Could you name an interesting thing about you that isn’t included in your CV?

I have started to learn Portuguese while doing an exchange semester in the United States because I had a group of friends from Brazil. When I came back, I actually had good basics and decided to continue studying on my own. 4 years later, I tested myself by doing a one-month road trip in Brazil, from Rio to the Amazonia forest, it was a real success!

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