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Keep the Magic going at Air Liquide!

Three Questions to Adam Peters

Published on August 05, 2020

3 minutes

Innovative spirit and challenges, Adam Peters, Vice President Electronics World Business Line, explains how Air Liquide Electronics is empowering its team:

    How would you define Air Liquide Electronics’ spirit? 

I could speak of the innovative spirit that has driven our key product offerings to be best in class. Or of the undying spirit of our teams to win a new deal. And these are obvious as you look at the performance of the business over the past 10+ years.

That said, to me, one of the best ways to describe the spirit of Air Liquide Electronics is to pass on some remarks from a key manager at an American multinational corporation and technology company that has worked with us over the past decade. Following a half-day management review, this gentleman remarked, “Keep the Magic going at Air Liquide!” This technology company is an extremely demanding client that in many ways sets the bar for the semiconductor industry in terms of expectations on quality, reliability, technology, and responsiveness. 

To me, this is a hallmark of Air Liquide Electronics. It speaks to the strong dedication of our people to serve our clients and to learn from our challenges. We are better today than we were yesterday and we will be better tomorrow because of this magic.

Let’s keep it going!


     Which single accomplishment has shaped your career the most significantly?

In 2004, I was a Strategic Account Manager for our business with an American technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits in Texas. Up until this time, I had spent 8 years with Air Liquide in Electronics serving the same customer. I had never ventured out to see other parts of the Group.

During this time, my customer represented well over 50% of our business in Electronics in the US and we were faced with both a significant challenge and a significant opportunity. As a challenge, we had to successfully renew our 2 main contracts covering both the Carrier Gas business and our Services business. 

The importance of this challenge and opportunity got the attention and support of Group management and we were successful at securing all business at the new fab while renewing our existing business for more than 12 years. The successful closure of this deal was an important milestone for my career as it exposed me to other parts of Air Liquide and created new opportunities for me over the years that followed. 


     Name something you’re interested in that few people would know about you?

I grew up in the state of New York and I have been a New York Jets fan since I was a boy. For those that follow American Football, the Jets haven’t had a really strong team since winning Super Bowl 3 in 1969 (before I was born).  

Being the optimist that I am, I am sure that next year will be the year that they return to greatness! (admittedly, I’ve been saying that for quite some time now…).

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