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Air Liquide Electronics Systems

Your partner for all fluid distribution needs

Manufacturers in the electronics industry need premium equipment and installations to support their processes and assure the proper supply, storage, application and use of electronic materials (also called precursor molecules). An expert in the production and supply of gases, process chemicals and liquid precursors for electronics, Air Liquide offers the right equipment, uncompromised safety, best-in-class reliability, and greater all-round control.


Thousands of installations around the world

For manufacturers of semiconductors, photovoltaic cells, and flat panel displays, the safe and reliable supply of process fluids is of paramount concern.

Air Liquide has expertise providing the delivery systems, gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, chemical and slurry blend and dispense systems, as well as exhaust treatment systems, to assure that customer processes are safe, clean and efficient.

Five equipment manufacturing sites located close to our customers' plants


We supply and install gas and chemical dispense equipment for new manufacturing facilities, and support the turnkey installation of ultrapure gas and chemical distribution networks. We also provide central control and monitoring systems.

To date, we have supplied and installed over 10,000 gas cabinets, 10,000 chemical management systems, 500 precursor delivery systems, 100 bulk cryogenic purifiers and 50 online continuous quality control systems around the world.

Our 5 equipment manufacturing sites and installation teams are present at strategic global sites in close proximity to semiconductors, photovoltaic cells and flat panel display fabrication plants.

Innovations for delivery of electronics materials

Discover our equipment and turnkey engineering solutions for chemical and gas distribution and purification systems.

Among the equipment and solutions we offer are:

  • FabStream gas cabinets for the completely automated, fully redundant supply of specialty materials in cylinders
  • FabStream All Vapor Phase for optimized distribution of liquefied specialty materials, with patented technology ensuring 100% vapor phase delivery of liquified electronics specialty materials at desired flow rates
  • FabStream bulk delivery system for completely automated and fully redundant distribution of electronics advanced materials like hydrogen chloride, silane, and nitrous oxide at very high flow rates
  • SaFlow™  gas cabinets for cost-effective distribution of electronics specialty materials in cylinders
  • SaFlow™ HI for cost-effective distribution of specialty materials in ton tanks and bundles
  • CANDI™ liquid precursors distribution equipments designed for easy operation and maintenance
  • ChemFlex™  for the distribution of aqueous and solvent chemicals from a highly reliable and configurable platform
  • ChemFlex™ CMP for the precise blending and automated distribution of chemical-mechanical polishing slurries
  • ChemPrep™ for the precise blending of high-purity chemicals
  • ULTRAL™ Bulk Cyrogenic Purifiers (nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon)
  • Remotely monitored Continuous Quality Control (CQC) systems for continuous on-line carrier gases purity monitoring systems
  • DETOXAL™ available in Japan for the cost-effective treatment of gaseous manufacturing tools

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With 40 years of expertise in electronics equipment and installations, Air Liquide Electronics Systems (ALES) has developed a complete range of innovative fluid distribution equipment designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry, laboratories, and other industrial markets.