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Enhancing production yields and ramping-up the next generation
In the world of the semiconductor industry, size always matters. Integral to everything from processors found inside smartphones or computers to memory chips and image sensors, the use of semiconductor chips or integrated-circuits is now spreading outside the digital world.
With every new application and end-user expectations for more performances come ever-greater challenges to produce smaller and more cost-efficient semiconductor chips. Manufacturers can rely on Air Liquide to meet these needs.

230 billion chips produced by the industry each year

1 co-leader in gas supply for semiconductors manufacturers

Growing markets for semiconductors

Semiconductor chips (also called integrated-circuits) are basically computing processors, memories, sensors, micro-controllers, power devices and other devices.

Although they are used primarily in computers, we serve more and more the semiconductors manufacturers worldwide by improving the connectivity and performance of smartphones and tablets. In fact the use of chips is spreading to new areas. Just one example is the automotive industry, where integrated-circuits, are replacing mechanical or fluidic systems for acceleration and braking control and enabling smart anti-collision systems. Connected smart objects or so called “Internet of Things”, are also incorporating semiconductors.

Air Liquide accompanies semiconductor manufacturers, delivering the ultra-high purity carrier gases needed to keep their manufacturing processes clean and stable over time. We also supply the specialty and advanced electronics materials (also called precursor molecules) to produce the semiconductor chips, and provide the equipment and services for the safe and optimum handling and distribution of our products.

Air Liquide’s ALOHA™ offer is a leading participant in the innovation race to enable the increase in computing power and connectivity for consumers through cutting-edge advances in high performance electronics materials.

Ashutosh Misra

Group Vice President, Sustainable Development