Team effort delivers technological breakthrough

An intensive company-wide collaborative effort has led to a breakthrough in developing a family of etch gas molecules for the semiconductor industry. Manufacturers use etch gases to selectively remove layers deposited on the tiny surfaces of microchips to improve their performance. It is one among many examples of the technological expertise Air Liquide provides to customers. Collaboration involving multiple Air Liquide teams in multiple countries is an essential element to delivering regular innovation in this field.

Multinational effort

Initial samples of the molecules are produced at Air Liquide Research & Development Centers in Japan and the United States. The Research & Development teams work closely with Electronics World Business Line teams who maintain direct contact with customers, helping define the precise technical requirements for the materials.

Equally important to the molecule’s development is ensuring its uninterrupted, affordable, high volume production and a robust business continuity plan. Product development teams work on developing the technical capabilities and operational subsidiaries invest in the construction of production facilities to guarantee reliable supply.

Support is also provided by Head Office teams in France in areas such as Contract Management and Intellectual Property. Air Liquide teams in the local countries, responsible for product delivery, work with the customer’s fabrication sites, organize storage and supply chain, and ensure required safety measures are in place.