A nitrogen unit for growing electronics needs

Air Liquide Electronics, together with the Air Liquide Engineering and Construction teams, is constantly innovating to bring ever more competitive solutions to its semiconductor customers.

The manufacture of the computer chips found in smartphones and computer memories requires large quantities of ultra-pure nitrogen. With public demand worldwide for new digital experiences increasing, and the perspective of the Internet of Things and Big Data, chip makers need ever more nitrogen.

The Group's expertise in the separation of air gases allows Electronics to supply the customers of this nitrogen segment with extreme levels of purity and stability.

Air Liquide Electronics gathered E&C and operations teams to create TCN Best Energy, an ultra-pure nitrogen generator with advanced technology to reduce energy consumption by about 30% and thus its environmental impact. In 4 years, more than 25 long-term contracts were signed and these units are currently present in 3 continents and 10 countries.

The deployment of this technology will accelerate and move towards the construction of increasingly efficient production units. Multidisciplinary and international teams from Electronics and E&C will work together again to develop innovative solutions that will further reduce costs and unit installation times.