Micron Fab 10x: a carefully prepared investment

Micron, a US-based company, is a world leader in innovative solutions for memory storage. Air Liquide is supporting its longtime customer by investing in Fab 10X, Micron’s new ultra-innovative plant in Singapore. A look back on this major strategic investment, prepared and completed by the Group in record time.

With more than 30,000 employees, Micron is present in 18 countries around the world, including in the U.S. and Asia, where the market for electronics and appetite for innovation are especially strong. Micron manufactures today’s major memory and storage technologies including 3D NAND, the latest technology to meet the market’s growing need for storage capacity.

FAB 10X, a project for the future

Singapore is home to Micron's largest manufacturing footprint. The company’s newly expanded Fab 10X nearly doubles its clean room space in Singapore, adding an additional 255,000 square feet to the fabrication facility. This ambitious project was completed in 18 months on a budget of $4 billion. It will facilitate efficient implementation of 3D NAND production, giving Micron the flexibility to gradually add incremental capacity in response to market requirements.

Air Liquide played a key role in building a large ultra-pure nitrogen and oxygen production unit on-site with one of the largest capacities to date for these technologies.

The benefits for Micron of the Fab 10X’s integrated installation include high supply reliability and low total cost of ownership, as well as nitrogen supply flexibility to support future expansion at the plant.

New phase for the Micron-Air Liquide partnership

Air Liquide’s decision to invest in the new Singapore site reflects a relationship of trust that dates back to 1993 with Micron, an industry leader recognized for its innovation. A key driver behind the investment: Micron’s already strong presence in Singapore, which includes a multi-technology center, an Asia-Pacific shared services center, a sales and marketing office, three fabrication facilities, and a testing and assembly site. Steps to prepare for the investment’s approval included regular exchanges between Air Liquide and Micron teams and detailed analysis of the project. The various discussions were critical to understand the customer’s needs and to leverage Air Liquide’s expertise in order to offer the best-in-class solution for the project.


Source: Air Liquide 2016 annual report