enScribe™, new family of etch materials

Air Liquide is launching a new offer of innovative etch materials that address challenges in advanced semiconductor device fabrication. enScribe™ product portfolio will cover a family of etch materials for various applications in memory and logic manufacturing.

Fabrication of semiconductor device structures requires several gas phase etching processes for controlled removal of materials in order to create specific architectures. Shrinking dimensions and increasing device complexity bring technological challenges in the etch process. As a result, innovative etch molecules are needed to overcome integration and design challenges, and to enable the progression to advanced nodes.

The semiconductor industry is also concerned with the environmental effects of process materials. The enScribe™ portfolio brings environmental benefits, as its products are designed to reduce the Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact typically associated with most contemporary gases used in etch processes.

Designed to function, these new materials not only address the technical challenges, but also  bring environmental benefit by reducing the overall GWP footprint of the fab.

In 2010, Air Liquide initiated development of new etch materials, combining R&D efforts in the US and in Japan with operations in affiliates and active partnership with a number of Universities, equipment manufacturers, and leading edge end customers. Air Liquide R&D research centers have invested in the competency and capabilities for accelerated development and screening of over a hundred potential molecules. In addition, Air Liquide operational affiliates in the US and Asia  have invested in capabilities to supply these newly developed materials to our customers. The culmination of these efforts is the launch of enScribe™ product family.