Air Liquide Group sales for 2017 surpass 20 bn euros - electronics 2nd half performance at +7.3% to reach 1.6 bn euros in 2017.

Electronics, which grew +3.8% in 2017, reported strong growth in the 2nd half (+7.3%). For the year as a whole, growth was driven by solid sales of carrier gases and by continuing strong demand for advanced materials, sales of which grew by more than +20%. Growth in Electronics was also strongly supported by Asia, especially the high demand in China leading to the signature of several new contracts. The 4th quarter saw growth in all product lines and high sales in equipment and installations.

2017 was a record year for the Electronics activity of Air Liquide in Asia: the Group announced the signature of several new long-term contracts with major electronics manufacturers in China, as well as Japan and Singapore. Air Liquide will invest more than €150 million euros in the region to supply ultra-pure carrier gases to its customers’ new fabs which manufacture integrated circuits, memory, imaging sensors and flat panel displays for customer electronics and mobile devices