Air Liquide celebrates the 30th anniversary of Denal joint venture and strengthens its leadership on silicon precursors

On December 7, Air Liquide and Denka celebrated the 30th anniversary of Denal the joint venture of the two companies manufacturing various silicon materials for the electronics industry.

In the world of silicon materials, Air Liquide is a leader with 30% market share and this main achievement is mainly due to the exciting adventure that both companies Air Liquide and Denka have developed over the years. By celebrating the 30th anniversary of its partnership with Denka in Japan, through the Denal joint venture Air Liquide confirms its confidence to develop new markets and products for its wide range of electronics worldwide based customers.

Silicon materials are key to the electronics industry: they are used for the deposition of various thin film layers of silicon or silicon compounds in semiconductor, flat panel display and solar cell manufacturing, as well as new emerging market applications such as energy. Air Liquide and Denka have consistently invested over the years and are committed to developing a technology road map with capital spendings to support the ever demanding electronics industry with new silicon precursors. Both companies have been conducting R&D to proactively identify the future needs of their customers and develop differentiated precursors for materials that will be used by the most advanced electronic manufacturers.

Through its partnership with Denka, Air Liquide has become the leader in silicon materials market in the Asia, U.S. and Europe. It will continue to reinforce its leadership position by expanding the Denal plant capacity and product offering to deliver its customers with the product stability and operational excellence they rely on.

By designing the infinitely small, Air Liquide enables its customers to think amazingly big.