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About Network+

Why make this app?
Today, we are missing processes and tools allowing the management of the networking we have with our key customers: we need more visibility on the effectiveness of the established relationships.
Relevant questions often remains treated informally as “is our networking enough to meet our business objectives?”, or “which contacts can be considered friends and can influence the customer’s decision making?”
Customer contacts shall be properly identified and considered as an “asset” of Air Liquide to be then managed properly, avoiding usual mistakes (as losing track of customer contacts) and to enhance business dynamics by highlighting weaknesses, anticipating needs and define actions.
Collecting and sharing between us these contacts with simple qualification to improve our relationship is our purpose, make sustainable business, ethically and respecting data privacy regulations.

The best way to engage with customers
Air Liquide has developed this mobile app to help you to:

  • Manage your customer engagement
  • Understand your network dynamics
  • Set up your networking strategy

Great features

  • Share full contact details in two clicks: there is currently no other app that allows you to do this!
  • Find contacts instantly: all users can look up contacts they do not have in this database and ask their colleagues to share it with them.
  • Extensive and always up-to-date customer contact information: NetWork+ is a gateway to a shared contact database. Each contact card contains more information than any Google Contacts such as job title, department, scope, manager, point of contact at Air Liquide, etc. and these information are shared. If one user updates a contact, then everybody's repository is updated as well.
  • Synchronize contacts into my Kite account: you can push your new and updated contact details to your Google Contacts anytime.
  • Assess the relationship with customers across the group: using the single assessment matrix Decision / Relation / Position allows us to be quantitative and aligned when discussing customer engagement. Our algorithm merges anonymously all customer contact assessment and the average is displayed on each contact card.
  • Analyse our network: users can download parts of the shared contact database that match their scope.  This way, we identify key contacts at customers' and ultimately we build a networking plan.

User data
Network+ can only be used with an Air Liquide account:

  • You can import your Google Contacts data into Network+.
  • You can push Network+ contact data to your Google Contacts.
  • You can export your Network+ contact list to your personal Google Drive.