3rd quarter 2018: Continued strong growth Dynamic business development

Electronics revenue climbed +8.5%, mainly driven in Asia by the start-up of Carrier Gases units and the strong demand for new molecules, and by exceptionally high Equipment & Installations sales

  • Revenue in the U.S was up +3.2% in the 3rd quarter, driven in particular by Equipment & Installations.
  • Sales in Asia were up +16.4% benefiting from a strong demand for Advanced molecules, in particular in South Korea, China and Singapore, and the ramp-up of Carrier Gases units in Singapore, China, and Japan. 
  • Equipment & Installations sales remained exceptionally high and posted growth that exceeded +50%
  • Investment Decisions: three new investments, in China and in Singapore. Leading positions in projects with tier-one customers. 

Source: airliquide.com